September 12, 2017

Geotechnical Engineering in Architecture

How often do you look a beautifully designed building and think of the skilled architect that planned and designed the building? The hours of labour, design and building that went into the building is noticed by many who pass by. However, we often forget about the other, not so well-known experts that go into creating such great structures. A huge part of the design and construction business are the engineers. There are several types of engineers that contribute to a building being constructed safely and legally. One of the most important players in this field are the geotechnical engineers. They are often not heard of, but their expertise is more than necessary.

The importance of geotechnical engineering in Architecture cannot be emphasized enough. Essential modern-day architecture would not exist if it was not for the geotechnical engineers that lay the foundation for the construction of various buildings and allow the talented architects to see their designs come to life. Geotechnical engineering lays the groundwork for the building of structures in many areas that would not normally be able to be built on.

A geotechnical engineer investigates the ground where a building is planned to be built and makes sure that it is structurally sound for the building as well as ensures that the foundation is built properly depending on what the building is going to be. This step is crucial for the safety of the building, its inhabitants and the surrounding area. The geotechnical engineer provides the architect with the information they need to then build the correct infrastructure and ensure that it is a safe building from the foundation up. A lot of planning and investigation goes into the foundation of each structure. A large majority of that is done by the geotechnical engineer. They evaluate the types of rocks in the soil the density of the soil or rock and how it is structured in its surroundings. All of these different aspects help the architect determine various aspects of the design of the building. These are often most important when designing large or tall buildings. For example, when designing a sky scraper or high rise the foundation, it is crucial to the safe construction of the building and of it being able to withstand the natural elements in the area in which it is being built. Knowing the elements of the soil on which it will be built is crucial to ensuing that the foundation is strong and long lasting.

While they may not be the first people you think of when you think of design, construction or architecture you can no doubt now see that they are a necessary competent to the process. The next time you are admiring a well-designed building, or its ability to look effortless placed on a hill side or perhaps being one of the tallest buildings you have ever seen, think of the many brilliant minds that go into the creation of it, especially they ever so talented geotechnical engineers.

September 3, 2017

What is Geotechnical Engineering?

Are you looking to switch careers, or are you just simply taking an interest in a new field of study, whatever your reasoning you came to the right place to learn all about geotechnical engineering? Geotechnical engineering is not only a simple aspect of engineering but it is a very fascinating one, so let’s take…

by Stephanos
What is Geotechnical Engineering?